Fauna Wall Art DIY & Supplies

Image copyright to SCBailey, and LTAMagazine.com

This is the first DIY article on Let’s Talk About Magazine so we’ve now got a Youtube channel to show you just how to create these awesome DIY’S! (Video Tutorial is as the bottom of the article).

We’re making an article explaining how to get your hands on the  materials to make each of our DIY’S and this is our first one! And for all of the things you will require we give links to places to buy them as cheap as possible, because nobody wants to spend more making something than outright buying the item! (most of the time anyway)

Fauna Wall Art DIY Tutorial

What You Will Need:

  1. Pencil – 50p – Anywhere!

    For a single pencil in Ryman or Goldcrest it’s likely to be 50p a pop. But even though pencils aren’t expensive or hard to come by, it might be worth your time investing in an artist set of pencils if you’re into art and DIY anyway. Currently Amazon.co.uk have an amazing offer on for a set of Royal & Langnickel artists pencils reduced from £17 to £3. You can find them here!

  2. Paper/Card – £1.00 – POUNDLAND

    Okay, so we’re not going to lie and say that Poundland do the best quality paper in the world but they are currently selling 30 sheets of  90gsm card in a packet, and it’s actually really good stuff!

  3. Acrylic Paint – £3.00 from £4.99 – The Works

    The acrylic set used in the DIY to create this fauna themed wall art is the make Boldmere, distributed by The Works. The set from the video is no longer in circulation, but a similar set which is perfect for simple paintings and DIY’S like this one, is available here, also from The Works.

    Acrylic paint was chosen for this project for its bright colours, and because it’s a very cheap paint to replace once you run out. If you don’t want the same effect then choose the paint that you like to work with, or what will work with your decor. *Watercolour backgrounds will have to be totally dry before you stencil, as it will bleed and you wont get a crisp outline*
  4. Canvas – £2.00 -Various!

    Canvas’ vary in price depending on size, the one used within the video is from The Works and is standard A4 size. You can use any size variation you want and adapt the design to fit your style, colours etc… You don’t even have to use a traditional canvas, a canvas board (available from Poundland) is also a good alternative if you’re not keen on your art standing out from your walls particularly.

  5. Scissors – Free

    I’ts pretty obvious that somewhere in your house you are going to have a pair of scissors, and any scissors will do because you are only cutting through some paper.

  6. Duct Tape – £1.00 – Various

    There are many places you can obtain duct-tape from and none of them are going to charge more than a quid or two, it isn’t expensive stuff and can be bought anywhere from a hardware store, to a Poundland so there’s no need for a link to this item I’m afraid. Packing tape or masking tape would also work just as well.

  7. Stencil – Free – The Wonderful World Of The Internet!

    For the purpose of the video we decided to create a stencil for the design that had the right look to fit in with Samantha’s current bedroom decor. But the internet is full of amazing free-to-use images of silhouettes and outlines that are brilliant for this kind of DIY. Here are a couple examples:
    A) Pixabay – Deer Silhouette’s – These are the best if you want to print an already designed stencil silhouette.
    B) Pexels – These guys are great if you’re making your own stencil and want some reference images.
    C) Google Image Search Tools – I always use the function of ‘search tools’ and then choose free to reuse, this is because I wouldn’t want to steal artwork from a fellow artist without giving them the credit. But there are plenty of artistic images on the internet free to use. This is a great way to find them!

    One of Pixabay’s free to use images of a stag silhouette. This would be a really good one to adapt into this tutorial rather than just doing the doe’s head!
  8. Optional Extras!

    This section is here because within the tutorial we add some extras such as embellishments, glitter, and writing. You don’t have to completely follow the design used in the tutorial, the wording that was used on the piece was because it fitted with the decor of the creator’s house, but you could change the words and colours, or you could not add the words in at all.

    A) Card Embellishments – £1.00 – The Works/ Craft shops

    Now these are really easy to come by and can cost anything from a few pence upwards. You can buy an assortment in bulk from the internet on websites like Amazon and Ebay but for this project we opted against it because we knew that we were only going to need a few. But if you plan on adapting the project to go on cards, and feel like having some spares then these are good because they offer a selection of different types, but for the purpose of this project we will be using the price of the packet we bought, which was a total bargain!

    B) Glitter Puff 3D Paint – £1.00 -The Works
    Basically this paint comes in a load of different colours, styles (dust glitter, chunky glitter, metallic) and sizes. Although their is an amazing make called Tulip – we couldn’t afford to spend £1.49 on one colour (the bottle is bigger) so we got a set of three smaller bottles for £1.00. The colour blue that we own came with a metallic green and a silver, but sadly that set seems to have come off sale. Silvers/ Greens/ or even golds would work with this project if you set out different areas for your text to go on your canvas – mix it up a bit, don’t be afraid to make it your own.

    The grand total of this project comes to £9.50 going by the assumption that you don’t already have some of the items such as paint, scissors, pencils, etc…


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