Marina Joyce suspected ISIS captive?

Marina pink flowers
Marina Joyce, 19 year old beauty and fashion vlogger recently caused a storm on the internet after acting erratically in videos leading fans to believe she had been kidnapped by ISIS.

Marina Joyce, 19 year-old Youtube phenomenon who leapt into the limelight for her unique style, clothing reviews, and individual personality has recently been blasted into the spotlight of conventional media.

It began with a video upload to Marina’s Youtube channel in which she was showing off clothing for ‘DATE NIGHT IDEAS!’. The roughly two minute video caused widespread concern over the internet in a disturbing phenomenon which had the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce trending on multiple social media sites with fans concerned for her safety. People were frightened for teenager Marina as she appeared distracted and dazed during the DATE NIGHT video with some fans believing she was being directed off screen by someone who was holding her captive. Some fans even claimed to have seen the butt of a gun come into shot in the video, and many people expressed their horror that they believed young Marina had mouthed the words ‘help me’.

She has since come out publicly using Facebook’s live-stream service to accept questions from her fans stating that she was ‘safe’ and explaining that she had been going through ‘personal problems’ and she couldn’t explain the situation to her fans any further. This added fuel to the fire with her loyal fans more riled up than ever by the lack of explanation into the strange occurrences during her latest upload. Some online detectives have reportedly been going through multiple videos of the Youtuber’s recent past and allegedly have said that they believe that Marina could have been kidnapped months ago despite attention being gained by this particular video.

Goddess Marina
The post currently trending on social media, put out by Marina’s verified Facebook account. She asks people to join her in building a temple in Peru.

However, Marina’s family and close friends have also taken to social media to dispell the worries from fans and concerned members of the public, drawing attention to Marina’s alleged mental heath issues. Schizophrenia has even been alleged by fans although these claims have neither been confirmed or denied by Marina or her family.

But with the currently trending post sent out by Marina, about her wish to create a temple where she will be known as ‘God’ as she feels she can enlighten people so that they can join her in the afterlife, has cast an even darker turn on the recent events. Members of the public are discussing openly Marina’s well-being online, questioning her mental health and whether she is getting the proper help she needs from her friends and family. Some people have gone as far to suggest that she needs to be put into a mental health facility or a hospital for her own well-being.

Whether this turns out to be a clever but disturbing publicity stunt, or Marina really is in any of these situations, this is unlikely to be the last thing we hear about this bizarre story.

Updates will be provided in following stories.

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