Victoria Beckham Facing Backlash for Kissing Her Daughter.

Victoria Beckham, as well as being a famous model, the wife of David Beckham, owner and designer of her own clothing line and perfume, and being the poshest of all the Spice Girls – She is also a mother.

Italy - Cruise and Holmes Wedding - VIP Guests Arrivals in Rome 17 Nov 2006, Rome, Italy — David and Victoria Beckham arrive at Rome’s Ciampino airport to attend the wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. — Image by © Tony Gentile/Reuters/Corbis

And the fact that she’s a mother has caused controversy this week after she uploaded a photograph to social media of her and her daughter, 5 year old Harper Beckham. The image shows the mother of four (Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper) kissing her daughter on the lips while in a swimming pool on Harper’s fifth Birthday (July 10th) the day the image was uploaded to the photo-sharing site.

Within hours the image with the caption; ‘Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you so much!  X Kisses from Mummy X’ has caused controversy online with people remarking that the image looked too intimate, and some even mentioned the word paedophilia. Many people have criticised the mother, with some remarking the image is ‘creepy’ and ‘disturbing’.

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However, many people have gone to Victoria’s defence by saying that they themselves kiss their children on the lips as a sign of affection, and that it in no way implies any wrongdoing. Many people also remarked that the people who are offended by the image are seeing elements that are not there, and that they themselves are ‘disturbed’ for seeing something so horrifying in an innocent image.

Fellow celebrities have even jumped into defend Victoria with Jason Manford (British comedian) taking to social media Goliath Facebook to share his opinion on the matter which he states very clearly within his post. He too mirrors the opinion of those defending Victoria in saying that the people complaining about the image are in fact the one’s who have ‘something wrong with them!’.

jason mamform pro
Famous celebrity comedian Jason Manford took to Facebook to voice his opinion on Victoria’s already infamous upload which came to the public’s attention on the 10th July 2016.

In 2016, shouldn’t we be able to appreciate that the relationship between a mother and daughter can be a close bond both emotionally, psychologically and physically without accusing a mother of ulterior motives?


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