Stalker Posing as Jamie Bulger Killer Gets Three Years In Jail.

James Bulger, three year old boy who was murdered by fellow children Venables and Thompson back in 1993. By Source, Fair use,

Margate woman Chloe Cowan has been sentenced to three years on stalking charges after sending disturbing Tweets to Denise Fergus (formerly Denise Bulger) pretending to be the ghost of her son’s murderer.

She received this sentence at Canterbury Crown Court on the 14th July 2016, after admitting to serious counts of stalking with messages that were seen to be cruel and ‘distressing’. As well as her three year sentence she has a restriction of ten years in which she cannot use any electronic device that can access the internet, without the history of the device being accessible to the authorities.

Denise Fergus, Jamie Bulger’s mother, posted on her Twitter in response to the verdict:
‘Thanx 4 the lovely, kind, caring comments 2 day over the 3yr sentence of the person who trolled me for 2 yrs, I’ve got some justice for my son’. As well as stating that she feels she got justice for her son she thanks the support she received from people both in reality and on social media.

denise fergus
Printscreen of Denise Fergus’ Tweet following the prosecution and sentencing of her two year stalker Chloe Cowan.



Jamie’s Heartbreaking Story

The story of Jamie Bulger’s horrific and untimely death at the hands of killer children Jon Venables, and Robert Thompson back in 1993 rocked the world and changed Jamie’s families life for evermore.

Final CCTV pictures of James Bulger alive, being led led by Venables and Thompson.

Venables and Thompson (Then ten years old) who murdered Jamie Bulger were seen leading three year old Jamie from a Liverpool shopping centre where his mother had been standing in the butcher’s, he was classed as a missing person and was not seen again until his body was discovered on local train tracks two days later.

Hundreds of flowers were left as tribute on the banks near the tracks, reportedly including a bouquet from one of his murderers. Venables and Thompson were found guilty of murder on November 24th sentencing them to a minimum of eight years to be served.

Denise Bulger, Jamie’s mother, refused to attend the court trials on the basis that she did not want to be in the same vicinity as her son’s murderers. It is rumoured that to this day there are certain details of the crime that she does not know.

After twenty three years since Jamie’s demise, his family lived on. Denise went on to have other children, one of whom she discovered she was pregnant with during the trial of her sons killers.

Thompson and Venables’ mugshots taken at the time of their arrest for the murder of Jamie Bulger in 1993.



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