My Spanish Lullaby

Alcudia Beach, panoramic shot, April 2015. SCBaileyPhotography.

Stepping off the plane, an unrelenting and sugary sweet smell filled my nose. Honeysuckle and pollen filled the air, and the secada were humming their merry tune as the Spanish heat made sweat bead my forehead and trickle down my nose.
The drive to the hotel was intriguing, I watched as the palm trees and ocean horizon flew by in a brilliant blue blur. I’d lived on the coast my entire life, but never had miles of crystal clear turquoise sea that blended into the violet of the sky like an oil painting, graced my eyes before.
My friends and I stepped out of the bus and looked at our Hotel for the first time. A beautiful Majorcan blanco building greeted us welcomingly, it’s reflective surfaces making us squint as we made our way to the front desk. As we wandered up the orange steps to the
Alcudia old town’s market was a bustling hive of culture, with stalls of precious stone jewellery that caught my eye and glistened beneath gorgeous yellow glow of the sunlight.

Couple dancing on the beach near sea water.

People danced and sang in colourful headscarves and the constant sound of multi-lingual haggling between customer’s and stallholders made my smile beam as I bought unique treasures I could only dream of buying at home. Spanish cigars filled the air with an earthy scent as the warm air pulled us to the pristine blue ocean of the Alcudia beaches. The breeze whistled through my ears and sent my hair cascading around my face, as I strolled through the shallows watching the shoals of small fish swim around my bare ankles like seaside bullets in the undisturbed clear water upon the white golden sand. We had mojito’s in one of the seafront’s numerous bars and played cards on the beach, the sand between our toes was forgotten due to the beautiful surroundings of the faraway mountains and the neverending horizon that seemed to stretch out forever, before us.
The food was a masterpiece, from the all inclusive hotel which offered a selection that would leave my mouth full of saliva even after I was full, to the beautiful restaraunts of Palma where tapas and paella look too good to ever dare a taste while being serenaded by a Spanish guitarist singing love songs. A personal favourite for my super sweet tooth, was El Arenal’s ice cream and waffle bar that we ventured too almost daily, with it’s tanned leathery old man behind the counter with his happy wrinkled face saying “Hola!” every early afternoon.
When looking back on this short and sweet two week’s I’ve spent in Majorca, the words I would use to describe the experience would be: tantalising, delicious and uplifting. It’s a place of beautiful cities, stunning architecture, culture around every corner, and an atmosphere of siesta. For a beautiful experience that will leave you addicted to the Spanish lifestyle, with a longing for sangria in the essence of your soul, Majorca is a brilliant destination.

Spanish coastline with mountains and sea.

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