Baby Bits & Bobs

Some of the best places to find unique clothing, nursery furniture and toys for the babies in the world. Because little bump deserves the best, and whether you have a sky-high budget or you’re desperately saving for the little one, you can achieve a beautiful bedroom/nursery and a stunning batch of clothes for the newest addition to your family.

1. From Babies With Love 

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This brilliant company sell organic baby clothing while helping less fortunate children from all around the world. There profits go into SOS children’s villages to help orphaned children who’ve lost their parents through war, famine, and disease. There cant be any better feeling than buying adorable little things for your baby, then knowing you’re helping other children have improved lives and experiences at the same time.
Their donations have helped children from impoverished areas to gain a loving home with their SOS family in which they gain SOS mothers, as well as an education broadening their horizons for a more positive future.
They have a large range of prices with Nursery Items such as doorhangers and wallart prints from £2.90 – £24.90,they also have a huge range of prices and products in clothing of both girls, boys, and unisex.

2. Charity Shops, Second Hand Shops, and Ebay!

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You can gain some absolute bargains by looking for baby bits & bobs in the charity shops in your local area for a fraction of the price that these items are at retail. Sure, they are second hand but you can find some brilliant high quality items that allow you to gain items that you might not be able to afford at full price. Even if you can afford the items at full price you can grab some stunning pieces of clothing, and near-perfect toys and furniture that allow you to create a little haven for the baby in your life. By being thrifty you can save a bit of cash, recycle some pre-loved items that can be just as beautiful as buying them new. Ebay is a great place to look for some baby bargains as bigger items such as prams, cots, and buggies are a lot cheaper when bought second hand but might not be as easy to find on your charity shop travels.

3. Make Your Own!

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You can customise clothing for your baby by taking existing clothing from your own wardrobe, your partners, and your friends would probably love that you could recycle their old clothes to make something for the baby. You can use old pairs of leggings to make some adorable little leggings for your tiny one, you can even use the excess material left over from the leggings to make unique little bibs or teething blankets for the babies and toddlers in your family. Bunting can be made from any material from curtains to tee shirts, dresses, or old sheets and blankets to create some wonderful unique details for the nursery such as cushions, sock puppetssock puppets and soft toys.




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