‘Kiss of Death’ Kills 20 Year Old Allergy Victim.

20 Year old Myriam died in the prime of her life, when she should have been making memories to look back on in the future.

Young woman killed by deadly trace left on her lover’s lips.

A 20 year old woman, by the name of Myriam Ducré-Lemay, a Canadian citizen, lost her life to unforeseen and unusual circumstances. Having been in a relationship with her boyfriend who her mother has been quoted as saying Myriam was ‘in love with’ for some time, she never expected their relationship to end like this.

Myriam had a severe peanut allergy and carried an epipen on her person at all times, and the people closest to her knew of her situation. However, the one person who did not seem to know was her boyfriend.

If you have any sort of allergy make sure that your nearest and dearest know, especially your partner.

Reportedly Myriam’s boyfriend had consumed peanuts minutes before kissing her on the lips, with Myriam’s breathing becoming tight and raspy within a few minutes of the kiss. It has been reported that Myriam asked her boyfriend if he had eaten peanuts, but that is thus far unconfirmed.

As Myriam began to struggle harder with her breathing, realising she did not have her epipen on this rare occasion, her boyfriend called the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived Myriam was in a dire state, and they were unable to save her life.

This story serves as a grave reminder as to why you should inform your nearest and dearest as well as institutions and organisations such as your school, college or workplace of your allergies. This might not have ended so badly had her boyfriend been able to recognise the signs of a nut allergy, below are some signs and symptoms to help you recognise an allergic reaction.

A sudden runny nose is one of the initial signs of an allergic reaction, and if you or someone you know has an allergy spotting this warning sign can make their reaction much more treatable.

Signs of an allergic reaction:

Sudden runny nose.
Skin Reactions, swelling, hives and redness.
Tingling in or around the throat and mouth.
Digestive problems: Stomach ache, diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps.
Tightening of the throat.
Breathing problems, shortness of breath and wheezing.

If you have a nut allergy make sure everyone close to you knows, wear an awareness bracelet so that emergency services will be able to diagnose your allergy quicker, and always carry your epipen. It just might save your life.

Epipen, the adrenaline auto-injector that could save your life from anaphalactic shock. Image copyright to Greg Friese. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gfriese/6871650211

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