2 Shootings in Orlando – Tighter Gun Laws Required?

In the early hours of June 11th 2016 Christina Grimmie was a victim of murder from an unnamed gunman who shot her, reportedly multiple times, before he later killed himself after being reprimanded by the victims brother. Then last night on 12th June 2016, a gunman opened fire in Orlando’s gay nightclub: Pulse. It has been reported that allegedly over 50 people have lost their life and more were victims of injuries.

These two horrific events took place in the same state of America less than 24 hours apart. Many have taken to social media to condemn America’s leniant gun ownership laws, with people saying their should be more emphasis on gun control at large public events such as Christina Grimmie’s concert and Meet & Greet with her fans, or the nightclub which holds events often to draw in bigger crowds.

It begs the question that so many people are asking all over the internet and from all around the world: Should America be harsher on gun laws? And the bigger question, should people be able to buy guns so readily? Although public opinion is divided.

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Many people including Youtuber ‘mekkk’ have called for stricter gun laws in America, expressing her personal concern. She says “Is it too soon to talk about gun control though? I mean things like that… they should have metal detectors, or something, that means people shouldn’t be allowed to bring guns or weapons into these places!”. Her video was made as a response to the news of Christina Grimmie’s death which broke yesterday morning. Grimmie was a fellow Youtuber and famous for her success on The Voice.

An alleged survivor of the mass shooting in the nightclub has taken to social media in response to questions aimed at him from the public, stating that Pulse did not have weapon’s checks on entry to the establishment. Although he state’s that it had always been a ‘safe’ place up until last night.

Ricardo near victim
Ricardo J Negron Almodovar is allegedly one of the survivor’s from the shooting. He states that there are no checks for weapons on entry to the establishment.

Many people have an opinion on the matter, and are taking to the internet to voice that opinion. Many American’s are saying it is ‘too soon’ to politicise the issue by talking about the social issue of gun availability, while others are stating that they have the ‘right to bear arms’ and are entitled to it by their constitution.

Pulse, the nightclub in which the shooting took place put a plea on their Facebook during the incident begging people to flee the club. This post got more than 2000 shares, and over 20,000 comments from users online. The post, now in hindsight, acts as a dark reminder of how helpless people were in this situation, taking to Facebook in order to help one another.

Pulse facebook
Pulse, the gay nightclub in Orlando where last night’s fatal shootings took place, made a plea for people to vacate the club during the incident.


The Gun Violence Archive, set up in 2013, have documented all cases of gun violence in America. Updated this morning to include the victims of last nights Orlando shooting, their findings currently stand at:

gun violence archive
Graph taken from the Gun Violence Archive to document all reported gun violence throughout America. http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/



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