Buckingham Palace Intruder Caught.

Pixabay image, no attribution required.

A 41 year old male was discovered within the grounds of Buckingham palace minutes after the initial alarm was triggered. It is believed that the man scaled the outside wall of the palace in an athletic fete, and was then caught and remanded in custody by the police for trespassing.

It is believed that the male in question is still in police custody although reportedly he posed no threat to the royal family.

It took roughly seven minutes from the alarm being triggered to the perpetrator being caught; with the Queen’s Central London Residence being contacted about the breach of security on Wednesday evening shortly after the alarm going off.

Pixabay image, no attribution required.

Breaches of security at the palace have been few and far between, with a few notables:

1. Last year two protestor’s used Buckingham palace to promote their opinion that father’s deserve equal rights to mother’s in custody battles over their children. They hung a banner from the rooftop to advertise what they were protesting, hoping to gain advertisement for an issue that they feel is very important and deserve’s more recognition for their cause.

2. In 2003 journalist Ryan Parry used subterfuge to gain access to the Queen’s dwellings, posing as a footman and gaining a job within the palace under false pretences. He claims that he did this to expose safety problems and security issues within the Queen’s personal security.



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