Bewitched Quills – Hepburn Lookalike!

Annelies van Overbeek, is a seventeen year old school student with her own etsy shop, and a big passion for vintage icons and fashion. But you might know her better as Instagram phenomenon BewitchedQuills!

Having successfully recreated some of fashion and films most iconic looks from Audrey Hepburn, all the way up to the modern day, Annelies revealed her true identity for the first time last night since opening her Insta account some time ago. She posted an image of herself laid bare – no makeup, no hairdo’s, and no fancy lighting, with a soft smile on her face.

Bewitched Quills upload to Instagram last night, garnered over 3,000 likes within 9 hours, and a whole load of comments. Check her out:

This young woman has managed to gain an astonishing 39,800 followers on Instagram from her historic and highly intelligent style and poster recreations from throughout time. She’s done a lot of different styles; from real life interpretation’s of cartoon Disney characters, to classic style Icons like Audrey Hepburn.

See some of her most famous creations below:

daisy buchanan
Annelies van Overbeek’s instagram account, showing her interpretation of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.
belle beauty and the beadt
Annelies van Overbeek as Belle from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast.
Scarlett ohara vivienleigh
Annelies van Overbeek as Scarlett O Hara.

Not only is this girl a pro at changing the way she looks to emulate these beautiful an memorable styles, but she manages to maintain her realism by treating her fans so well online. When looking at the comments on her photographs, very few are negative, with an overwhelming number praising the brilliant work by Annelies. With her clearly well set-up shots, her brilliant use of props, and phenomenal use of makeup it’s not hard to realise why she’s been featured in so many publications and articles in the last few weeks – including this one!

To check out her  mesmerising Etsy shop please click here!

And to see more of her amazing artistic self-portraits click here!




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