‘Dollmaker’ Exumed 26 Child Bodies and Created ‘Living Dolls’.

Anatoly Moskvin would dress the children’s mummified remains in stockings, dresses, and do their makeup with lipstick. Photograph provided by Chris Hanson. https://www.flickr.com/photos/topbunk/8461089299

Anatoly Moskvin, historian and linguist from  Nizhny Novgorod in Russia was arrested in 2011 under suspicion of desecrating grave sites as well as other charges after the mummified corpses of 26 young children were found in his home. Moskvin reportedly was a collector of dolls and books with a library of over 60,000 titles.

Russian police officer’s discovered on arrival at the address, corpses of 29 young girls who had been made into ‘dolls’ through mummification which Moskvin had done himself. The youngest victim of Moskvin’s was three years old and the oldest was fifteen. He exumed the corpses from nearby graveyards and cemeteries, with Anatoly Moskvin reportedly having always had a fascination with death and the occult.

The mummification process carried out by Moskvin included drying the bodies with salt, and baking soda, he would then store the bodies in cool dry areas of the cemeteries he had stolen them from as well as nearby areas, before transporting them back to his house where he would turn the bodies into dolls and ‘effigies’ and place them around his home.

Pixabay image, no attribution required. Anatoly would place the ‘doll’ children around his home as effigies.

Olga, who has become the most famous of all Moskvin’s victims mummified body was kept in his home for a full nine years since he exhumed her body following her untimely death. Her mother reportedly discovered continuing letters addressed to ‘Little lady’ (Olga) congratulating her on public holidays such as Christmas, which would allegedly cause Natalia Chardymova to dread visiting her daughter’s grave, never sure what words would be left at her final resting place.

Anatoly Moskvin was found guilty of desecrating grave sites but rather than being given a prison sentence, Moskvin was discovered to be mentally unsound after a psychiatric evaluation. Because of this discovery during his trial, he was sentenced to spend time in a psychiatric facility, in which he has regular reviews to check his mental state. He has had reviews in February 2013, April 2014, and July 2015, all of which agreed he should be kept at the facility for the foreseeable future. As of 2016, all of his requests for his treatment to be extended have been approved.

Updates about Moskvin’s treatment will be posted here when the information becomes available.




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