‘Criminally’ Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Lands Infamous Modelling Contract!

jeremy meeks facebook
Screencapture of Jeremy Meeks facebook page, released from prison last year following charges of firearms possession for which he served two years. Now up and coming model: https://www.facebook.com/JeremyMeeksDreamyMcMugShot/

Jeremy Meeks was serving a 27 month sentence for unlawful firearms possession up until last year, when he was released back into the big wide world. Whilst in prison, the convict was gifted the opportunity of a lifetime that most people can only dream of. After the mugshot of the ‘sexy’ inmate was leaked to the public, going viral online and making women go absolutely crazy with support for the man with the mesmerising mugshot, madness ensued. Never before had a felon gained a promise of a career while still behind bars, because of the support they received online.

The mugshot of Meeks saw the man with the chiselled jawline, protruding tattoos and piercing silver blue eyes against a simple grey background. The steely expression and ‘badboy’ sense that the picture gave off sent women around the world into a frenzy.

White Cross Management – a modelling agency that has some of the world’s top modelling talent on their books happily put Jeremy’s mugshot on their website prior to his release, as well as a general profile detailing his height, age, and weight. He was shown on his profile side by side with the likes of Jerry Wolf and Henry Wilkinson, along with Vogue cover models.

The model who is believed to currently be working on a big contract worth $30,000 is focussing on his wife and children as well as his advancing modelling career which is still in the early stages of taking off. Jeremy Meeks has received a mixed response online, with many people supporting the ex-convict’s chance at a new life, with other’s believing that the general public are being blinded by his good looks and ignoring the reason he was ‘discovered’ in the first place.

Below are some of the mixed responses to his facebook updates and photographs:

meeks reponse 1
Printscreen of facebook user response to Jeremy Meeks modelling opportunity after serving 27 month sentence in prison.
response 2
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Some people within the public community see that prisoner’s being contracted because of their attractiveness is taking away from the seriousness in the nature of the crimes they committed, others feel that gaining fame while in prison because of levels of ‘attractiveness’ is only showing the shallowness of some people, while some people are glad to see an ex-criminal getting a second-chance at life proving that prison is not a life sentence to a downtrodden existence.

Whether you have a strong opinion either way, or you’re sitting on the fence on the issue, keep an eye out on the clothing campaigns and runway shows in the near future. It seems to be a surety that Jeremy Meeks face will be a common occurrence in the modelling scene very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



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