The Big Bikini Trends of 2016

Bikini’s are a staple fashion item to almost every girls wardrobe: from the one that’s plain to the highly elaborate cross backed, duel strapped, meshed rhinestone masterpiece you’ve never plucked up the courage to wear, or your all time favourite bikini that you don’t have a chance of ever fitting into again – that you  just can’t bring yourself to throw away! Bikini’s are there. A terrifying reminder hidden stealthily in your underwear drawer that at some harrowing point soon you are going to have to get ready for Summer and achieve a ‘bikini body’.

But not to worry girls, because here are some bikinis that fit all sizes and shapes, as well as being understated and outlining your silhouette, making you look slimmer and healthier without even having to swap your lemon poppy seed muffin and chocolate macchiato from Starbuck’s for a fruit smoothie and carrot sticks – Because where’s the fun in that?!


Girls with surfboards on beach in black bikini’s, pixabay image no attribution required.

Black bikini’s! Now I know it sounds bland and boring and everybody’s been so obsessed with floral patterns, fifties cuts and funky colours the last few years that the idea of stepping out onto the beach in something so understated is a daunting idea. But listen to me, black is you’re friend! I’m only twenty and I must have heard at least a hundred times in my life that black is slimming, and makes your skin a nicer shade and all of the other wonderful effects that black has on us. So trust it, you’ll rock that black bikini’s socks off, so grab your simple black bikini and own that look! (You’ll be fabulous)
And to get this understated classy chic that is going to be so huge this year. ( I just know it!) partner any simple bikini with a cute choker necklace and head to the beach, you’re sure to turn some heads!


Blonde model showing her curves in light and dark blue polka dot bikini.
Blonde model showing her curves in light and dark blue polka dot bikini.

Polka dots are a brilliant addition to any kind of swimwear, and in personal experience they really smooth out all your lumps and bumps. I’m a size 14 all over, and there is nothing more annoying than getting a bikini with absolutely no detail, you feel like it draws people’s attention to the areas of you that you’d rather they weren’t drawn too. I personally like my ‘muffin top’ because it’s a natural thing for a woman to have, women’s bodies store fat around the breasts and stomach in order to make childbirth easier and store more nutrients. Now I don’t plan on having a baby any time soon, but it’s still my body, so I love it. If you’re slightly nervous about bikini time then polka dots are a great way to distract people from your body by making you look curvaceous.


Girl in crochet white bikini lying on decking, dreadlocks spread out on the wood floor and a cowgirl hat covering her face.
The crochet bikini is big this year, and can fit into anybody’s wardrobe!

Now I’m not sure why crochet crop tops and bikini’s have become such a big trend hitting everywhere in fashion from catwalk runway shows, high-street fashion brands, all the way to charity shops where you’re usually more likely to see hand knitted baby jumpers – but they are! I think it’s all part of the big seventies revival this Summer, and even though I feel like non water resistant material isn’t the most practical fabric for a bikini, it sure as hell looks cute!

So now you know the trends that I believe will make you look so chic and on trend this Summer, as well as making you body confident and hopefully making you realise that you’re body is your best friend and you should love it. I hope you do, and coming up soon ‘Top Ways To Spend Summer’.


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