The Older Models Proving Modelling Isn’t Just For The Young.

Modelling has always classically been a job for the ‘young’, with the general populace losing all chances at a modelling career when they hit that thirty year mark. But there are some outliers within the industry that are causing quite a stir, and they are living representations of the fact that beauty doesn’t equal young.

Valerie Pain, aged 73.

Valerie Pain, edlerly white haired model in portrait photograph.
Valerie Pain, screen capture of Closemodels Pinterest card.

Valerie Pain is the oldest woman to ever walk the catwalk at London Fashion week, reportedly saying that she was old that didn’t mean she didn’t like fashionable clothing.

She modelled for Fyodor Golan in their ‘Flowers of Evil’ collection for London Fashion Week 2011 where she wowed not just the designers but the audience alike. Her silver hair and aged eyes added something unique and special to the catwalk, and more and more elderly models have been seen in the industry since she made waves with her return to modelling when she turned 60. She had been a model during the 60’s when she was younger and returned to the industry to pave a foundation for elderly women breaking into the fashion industry.

Yasmina Rossi, 59 years old.

Yasmina Rossi
Printscreen of model Yasmina Rossi, from amtvienna’s Pinterest.

Yasmina Rossi pretty much defies everything we’ve all heard about ageing. She doesn’t have wrinkled skin, she doesn’t have crows eyes or a saggy neck, and I understand that – as it is for all models – the images released of them are them looking their absolute best, and yes Photoshop will have played a part. But if we criticise editing being used on older models, the whole industry should be going under critique because even the most youthful of models are edited. Yasmina has been a sought-after French model for years, and defines what most women would love to look like at her age.

Since these women have come into the limelight of the fashion industry combatting ageism which has often been seen as a trend of modelling, more people both men and women, are getting more opportunities to fulfil their passion. The fashion industry is making massive strides towards more equality, with plus size models becoming more prevalent on the  catwalk, and elderly models having a place in the spotlight, even inspiring trends for the general public.

Silver hair is one of this years biggest hair trends; with shining greys gracing all walks of life from general day-to-day to Fashion week’s throughout the world. These women are proving that beauty doesn’t disintegrate with age.

Photo by Flickr user Sally:

For more inspirational older models, see the list below:

Daphne Self 
China Michado
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Jacquie Tajah Murdock


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