Witchcraft: Alive and Spell.

A blue, green, and yellow bottle of liquid.
Pixabay image, no attribution required.

Witchcraft defined refers to practising magic and the use of spells by members of society identified as Witches. Whether you believe in magical powers or not, the history of witchcraft is fascinating; and not a phenomenon that only exists in folklore and ghost stories. In fact – it’s happening right now.
Witchcraft has been a practice both respected and feared throughout history. From witchdoctors creating herbal medicinal remedies; to the Salem Witch Trials in which hundreds to thousands of innocent women were brutally killed by stoning or drowning, it cannot be denied that witchcraft is very much alive.

Witchcraft is now a more contemporary branch of Paganism; a nature worshipper of the modern day. Whether Wiccans, Pagan’s or other nature worshiper’s practice in a traditional way through keeping a spellbook (grimoire); or a more contemporary way such as personal practice in their own homes, it is no longer required that witchcraft be practised in silence and fear. If anything, witchcraft is now seen as a fashionable and alternative style that has its own clothing lines and patriots.

By Calvin Hennick, for WBUR Boston – http://www.flickr.com/photos/wbur/5161741914/in/set-72157625348192766, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18858912

Practicing witchcraft can encompass many different traditions, ceremonies , and customs. Because witchcraft delves into the realms of sorcery and the divine; witches tend to follow their own personal set of rules. The most common and most referred to of which, is probably the Rule of Three.
The Rule of Three is not a hard concept to master; however you personally use your magic and powers, your actions will be reflected upon you threefold. This means that if you cast a cruel or ‘evil’ spell you will be punished by nature and the goddess three times over. In layman’s terms this basically reflects the culturally normalised concept of Karma. In organised Paganism/Wiccanism the elders within the community are thought to say “Ever mind the rule of three!” as a warning to inexperienced or new witches.
Witchcraft, a legendary source of both controversy and wonder; is a practice in the modern age as much as it was hundreds of years ago, and that is something that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon.

Pixabay Image, no attribution required.

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