Myra: Murderer and Fashion Icon?

Outrage was sparked throughout the internet after fashion firm society6 began selling items of clothing with the face of Myra Hindley; who is known to be one of the most aggressive and manipulative women in recent history. Her cunning was used to lure the unsuspecting victims into a car, before taking them to an isolated location to suffer horrors at her and her boyfriends hand.

Myra Hindley  was the assailant of Ian Brady, both notorious serial killers who murdered and  sexually assaulted five children between the ages of 10 and 17 from 1963 to 1965. The murders were cold calculated acts of evil, and are remembered as some of the most infamous and sadistic murders of the 20th century. Myra Hindley died in Bury St. Edmund’s on November 15th 2002.

Myra Redbubble
Myra Hindley t.shirts and hoodies are widely available on, screenshot of

Society6 has said little in response to the public backlash, but they have removed the designs by Paul Nelson-Esch (Artist who designs portraits of celebrities) from their website, and are no longer on sale from them. The bad publicity towards not only the company allowing their outlet to be used to sell these items, but the artist who created the original piece based on a Myra’s mugshot from 1966.

Society6 is not the only fashion firm using Myra’s face for profit and publicity, with other various fashion brands having Myra’s infamous face in various styles as some kind of fashion item. The public outcry over this still very sensitive issue has been immence, with people taking to social media to publicly announce their distaste and disgust.

larva shop
Screenshot of where a tee shirt bearing the ‘Moors murders’ and definition.

Many other fashion outlets are selling very similar products, but the public hatred of this image being used to make money, does not seem to have reached these less publicised fashion stores as of yet.




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