My 2016 Top Trends!

An oversized high heeled shoe protruding from the top of skycrapers into the clouds above New York City.
Pixabay image, no attribution required.

The hottest trends of 2016 which I’ve discovered from researching the recent summer lines brought out from both highstreet brands and designers. I have picked my top trends for this year, so let me know what your top trends are, and don’t forget to comment and give me some ideas of what you would like me to cover in this blog!
(Heads up, I put hyperlinks to sources I have found useful or extra information, or links to where you can buy items so don’t forget to have a look!)

1. 70’s Throwbacks

Two young women lying in the grass wearing 70's inspired festival fashion.

The seventies – an era for platform heels, flared trousers, corduroy, headbands, and tassels from every clothing item they could possibly put them on – is back! The festival scene is a vastly popular scene in the modern day, and with most of the festivals taking place in summer floaty material and angsty fashion-items are, of course, all the rage!
The seventies were synonymous for their fashion, from the sweet and subtle beauty of Twiggy with her funky eye makeup to Bowie in bright colours, sequins and anything that made him stand out. This year seems set to be the revival of the seventies, and all fashions will eventually come back into style – I’m just hoping this seventies trend sticks around for a little while longer yet, because I’m loving it!
(To get the seventies look check out the following blogpost of where to get your seventies inspired fashion favourites, and avoid any faux pas!)

2. Leather.

Woman lying in grass wearing leather jacket and trousers, yellow jumper, and suede brown ugg boots.
Pixabay image, no attribution required.

Leather – I have thought leather was just a staple piece in a wardrobe since I first watched Grease and fell in love with the Tee Birds so maybe my opinion is slightly biased in this respect, but there are valid reasons that leather is a great fashion item. Leather is the tanned skin from animals (cows usually) and therefore it makes brilliant material for jackets as it’s nearly entirely water resistant and it keeps you warm.
Those are the practical reasons; but aside from that leather is shiny and almost patent giving a reflective and eye-catching element to your outfit, whether your dressing it up or dressing it down. Any item of clothing can be made out of leather; with even some underwear being leather now! (Sounds uncomfortable to me but whatever floats your boat) but the biggest drawback with leather is that it is expensive, because it looks great.
But even though faux leather and patent materials don’t hold as many of the practical benefits of real leather, it’s much less of a strain on your bank balance and you can still stay in with the ‘trends’ without the need for a vast expendable budget!

3. Stripes

People going across zebra crossing with women wearing striped skirts.

Stripes are big this year, from Tokyo and London’s Fashion Weeks stripes have featured heavily, with the traditional vertical or horizontal stripes, as well as a combination of the two. With more eclectic versions of stripes, with multicolours, and overlaying patterns it’s easy to see why this is set to be one of this year’s biggest trends, with the heatwave having hit this past weekend in the UK I’m sure that a lot of people took to the streets with their stripes showing.

4. Funky Florals

A woman wearing a red and white floral dress.

Floral patterns have been at the height of sophisticated fashion since the 1920’s all the way up to now, the fifties are of paramount importance when discussing florals in the fashion industry and with all aspects of ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ fashion coming back into the limelight in recent years, it’s easy to see why florals are being hyped on the modern high street. From large floral patterns to small delicate fabric the florals are filling aisles of clothing stores worldwide, and with summer about to hit what could be better than a flowery sundress and a big beach hat on a breezy summer’s day.

5. Crochet crops

Pair of young women wearing sunglasses and shorts, one wearing knitted jumper and one wearing crochet crop top.

Crochet, I’ve never been a massive fan of it because I’ve always preferred lace. But there’s something about this years trend which has peaked my interest; I do not by any means have the perfect bikini body but I enjoy dressing up in swimwear for the beach, and the bikini’s and swimsuits made of crochet (Although not very practical) are gorgeous and add a texture to an otherwise slick finish item. I think that crochet is brilliant for the beach and the crop tops that the high street is swimming with at the moment – everywhere from Miss Selfridge to Primark – but I’d be careful about sunbathing when wearing them. Nobody wants crochet tan lines all over their back…

6. Unique Footwear

Mirrored image of model wearing a jumper saying 'high high heels' and very high heeled shoes.

Now when I say unique, I don’t just mean a little different from average. Designers are bringing out ever-weirder and more unique designs year on year, with this year being no exception. From the days of the traditionally black court shoe, we have skyscraper heels that look like they could break your neck because they have such precarious angles that I’m almost sure your feet are not supposed to bend too. But even the more traditional shoes, now being created out of jelly like substances and rubber in various colours. I love unusual clothing, and I have some beautiful Melissa’s by Vivienne Westwood but when wearing such outlandish shoes you have a fun but difficult balancing act to pull them off with the rest of your outfit. Outlandish colours, and roman heels that go to your thighs with red ribbon are all brilliant in concept, but not the easiest thing to wear day-to-day.
(I’d be really interested for you to send me in pictures of the weirdest shoes you own, so don’t forget to comment underneath!)

7.  Velvet

Women in velvet mini dress against purple wall.

Velvet is a difficult look to pull off for many, it can be the total opposite of slimming with the material falling in a non-flattering way in many cases, and it can at times look like you’re wearing a pair of recycled curtains – and sadly not in a chic upcycled way. Make sure when trying to fit into this trend you try on items before you buy, or buy something that you know will suit your shape. Velvet in black counteracts the fact that velvet can be fattening because black is slimming, therefore you will look like your normal self. With full length velvet dresses, go for a cut with a slit in the leg, it’ll make you look taller and show that you’re not some old fuddy duddy. But likewise, be careful of being in the middle of the spectrum, you don’t want to look like your from the 1920’s but you also don’t want to look like Jessica Rabbit.
Personally I love velvet, and I’m a curvy girl and although it can be fattening, there are certain styles of other clothing that counteract that. I tend to buy velvet items in either very vibrant blues and greens to contrast my red hair, or I wear blacks and royal blues to slim my body, when coupled with heels velvet isn’t fattening anymore.

8. Off-The-Shoulder Shockers!

Woman wearing bardot style off-the-shoulder top with white wide-brim hat.

Brigit Bardot was the fashion icon for the 40’s and 50’s, with her style still influencing fashion today. Often seen sporting the off-the-shoulder look with ease, and showing more skin than was normal she started a craze where women became more confident and her sex-appeal was unique and subtle, rather than seedy. The bardot top is a style masterpiece in my eyes, and whether you buy from top designers or high-street shops the bardot top looks classy and elegant while showing a little bit of your playful and sexy side. It’s a brilliant edition to the wardrobe for a beach-lover, festival-goer, or down-to-earth woman with fashion on her mind. A trend that has withstood time, it’s no wonder that every shop and designer is sporting their own version of the ‘bardot’ with different additions and styles, colours, prints, and fabrics. You’ve just got to find the perfect one for you!

9. Bright Blazers

Blonde woman wearing kaleidoscope print dress and teal blazer with big sunglasses, against whitewashed wall.

Blazers are a snazzy wardrobe centrepiece that can jazz up an outfit easily and with minimal effort. Whether the blazer is fitted and contoured to your body shape, or loose and boxy it’s a fashion item that can be matched to a casual style or a more formal landscape. Perfect for evening dinners, job interviews, or a trip down the shops a blazer can highlight your personality while still looking respectable and classy. With shops stocking brightly coloured teal and orange variations of classic cuts, you can even customize an old one with lace, rhinestone detailing or applique, even sew or iron on patches can create the look that’s so ‘IN’ this year with minimal cost to you. Get on it!

10. Lace Libido!

Girl sitting in grass wearing white bridal style lace dress.
By Evil Erin from Your mom’s house, USA (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
The lace trend has never gone away, and long may it reign in my opinion. I adore lace, and a lot of that comes from working in a bridal boutique surrounded by French lace veils and dresses which I loved with all my heart. This year however, virginal lace seems to be in. With a sexy twist to the traditional pure lace look, sheer lace tops with large cutouts seem to be all the rage, with celebrities and models sporting the look from beach trips, to shopping sprees. For an all-occasion item team a sheer nude lace top over a brightly coloured vest to create a sexy suggestive look that leaves you all covered up but ready for summer.


Samantha Chloe Bailey – Let’s Talk About… Fashion Trends.



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