The Seventies: A Chic & Unique Breakdown.

The seventies were a time of exploration within the fashion industry, with an explosion of different styles which seemingly contradict each other. From the subtle hippie leftovers of the sixties, to the fashion paving the way for the punk movement of the 80’s, the 70’s has a barrage of different styles and looks that are finally coming back into fashion. Here is the low down on how to get a seventies look, and the many different looks that could entail:

Boho Bombshell

Two girls wearing floaty material, in a field, holding hands and leaning away from each other.
Pixabay image, no attribution required.

If I had to pick a category of ‘fashion’ to fit into this would be mine. I love boho; from floaty materials and lace, to maxi dresses and  peasant blouses I can’t get enough of this style. I also live in the back end of beyond, and as all the shops in my local high street are empty I get a lot of my clothing second hand from charity shops or carboot sales with a lot of it being genuine vintage items; which is something I love.
To create a boho babe look you can choose a few different items, from a tassled faux suede waistcoast and white floaty dress, to thigh high boots, corduroy shorts and fake fur you can create a beautiful collection of seventies boho items that can add a new dimension to your already extensive wardrobe. To check out the items available now click on the links in this above paragraph!

Hippie Hottie

Girl holding flowers, wearing psychadelic 60's style dress in a woods.

Moreso the 60’s the hippie look was still going strong into the seventies, and the hippie unique style has continued well into the modern day. With psychedelic patterns and paisley becoming commonplace in the modern day, and mini dresses only getting smaller with time recreating this 60’s/70’s common everyday look isn’t difficult. Accompanying a mini dress with some platform ankle boots, floral headband, and some mineral statement jewellery you’ll have that hippie look in no time.

Girl-Gang Groupie

Girl with long hair on the back of motorbike.
Photo by Bruno Caimi :

The groupie girl was all about the rock n’ roll, from the biker chick style leather jackets with tassels to the turned up denim jeans and badass boots, this girl was ready to follow her heart and travel around in the pursuit of music and life experience. This is a look you could even pull off with that leather jacket you barely ever wear, and those jeans that are slightly too long – voila! A pair of perfect seventies turn-ups

Bowie Beauty !

Bowie playing his guitar on stage in 1974.
Di AVRO – Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Now Bowie is one of those people, who hit it big in a certain decade but who’s reign extended far beyond where they started. Bowie’s influence is still felt today so soon after his death and will be felt for many years to come as the world misses the loss of his unique personality and powerful voice. As a famous face of the seventies it made sense to show you a Bowie inspired look so you could feel closer to one of the biggest stars known to man. A patterned vibrant blouse or shirt accompanied with some brightly coloured dungarees and a lightning bolt hairgrip gets you that Bowie-esque look.

If you’ve enjoyed this post then let me know, and if you try any of these looks please put the comments and links underneath so I can see your outfits and if you have any suggestions for what I should do a post about then let me know in the comments!


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